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Providing floral decoration for work places is a key part of The Floral Collections portfolio. For the past six years we have worked with a whole range of businesses to create stunning and unique floral displays. This includes a whole host of coffee shops, restaurants, offices, reception desks, small retail businesses and salons. 

Including floral displays within the work place can provide a number of key benefits:

  • Floral displays look nice to customers.
  • Having curated floral displays within your business can help provide a professional, upmarket feel.
  • It is proven that having greenery within a work place can boost the mood of employees.
  • Flowers can fit within a business theme or style to add extra touches and increase brand identity.
  • Flowers can be used on special occasions or during events to add additional decoration and styling.
  • Floral displays provide a tangible added extra for customers who visit your businesses. 
  • Refreshing floral displays fortnightly shows customers and employees that you care about your business.
  • Floral displays can help to showcase a brand style and ethos, as well as showcase certain products and services. 



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If you would like to introduce fabulous floral displays within your business and would like The Floral Collection to create some wonderful bespoke designs to suit you, just complete the contact form at the bottom of this page. With just a little information about you and your business we can get in touch to discuss your needs. We are happy to discuss and plan your needs over the phone. However, if you would prefer us to visit your business and provide our professional opinion on the types of floral decorations that would work within the environment and how often they would need refreshing, just let us know. We would be happy to help. 

All of our corporate flowers are created with each client and business in mind. Each floral display is bespoke to you to fit in with your business, brand and ethos. We will deliver your fresh flowers and arrange them in place, weekly or fortnightly.




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